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Making a positive fashion choice means recognizing slow-fashion and avoiding fast-fashion. 

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Slow fashion focuses on eco-friendly clothing, fair-trade clothing, sustainable fashion brands, and pre-loved and vintage clothing with high standards in manufacturing, design and production.

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Slow fashion means prioritizing investing in natural fabrics.
Fabrics such as hemp, organic cotton and bamboo are all biodegradable; this means they have the ability to decompose naturally via living organisms. Organic fabrics contain no micro-plastics or chemicals and there are no pesticides used in the production of natural fabrics.
Natural fabrics wear in – not out!

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Slow fashion means supporting your local community.
Networking with those close to home gives you a personalized service, which the big department stores can’t offer.

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Slow fashion is about taking care of the garments which you already own.
You can truly take pride in your clothing by gentle washing and fixing any holes, pulls or blemishes.

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Did you know?

Donating to op-shops is a fantastic way to re-home your pre-loved clothing, but it's actually even more ethical to host or attend clothes swaps with your friends, family or at our latest clothes swap event.

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26% of the fast-fashion garments we donate are such poor quality that they cannot be re-sold, reused or recycled.
YES! It's ok to purchase a pre-loved fast-fashion garment.
Investing in any pre-loved or vintage clothing will extend its life on average by 2.2 years, which in turn reduces carbon, waste and water footprints.

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Slow fashion means adapting your current wardrobe and spending habits by investing only in those trends which relate to your own personal style.
Mixing vintage clothing with sustainable fashion brands will consistently keep your personal style ethical as well as fresh.

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Wear something because it actually suits you and not just because everyone else is wearing it.
Finally, slow fashion means making, creating and learning.
Being involved in DIY workshops can help you find and develop skills you’ll have for life.

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Statistically speaking, when you wear a garment more than 30 times, this makes up for the environmental impact that it initially took to make that item of clothing.
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As well as our 80's, 90's and 00's vintage and pre-loved collections, SCo also carries the following sustainable streetwear brands from Australia and around the world:

  • Allergies Clothing (Au)
  • Daddy Issues The Label (Au)
  • Daniel Palillo (Finland)
  • Demian Renucci (Au)
  • Field Of Ponies (UK)
  • Grown Royal Clothing (Au)
  • Hemp Clothing Australia (Au)
  • JVUENILE Clothing (Au)
  • LuLaLoop Lucy (UK)
  • MaryJane Runway (USA)
  • RatLife (Au)
  • Sokini Fashion Socks (Au)
  • STKE Style Connection (Au)
  • TEIN (The End Is Near) (UK)
  • We Are Mortals (USA)
  • Whatever21 (USA)

More information about our ethical clothing brands can be found on the Collaborations page.


Help create lasting change in the fashion industry by recycling the streetwear and vintage clothing you no longer wear. You can re-sell your items through consignment with us and you can also make clothing donations. Find out more.

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