5 Top Tips for Recycling using Depop

5 Top Tips for Recycling using Depop

The world of sustainable fashion, in my personal experience, came from the app Depop. Depop is like a cross between Instagram and eBay, where users upload photos of items they want to buy and sell (like eBay) and other users can like, comment, follow and direct message (like Instagram).

Depop is a great way for people to recycle their old clothing or grab a rare vintage item at a negotiable price. Some businesses, such as Sustainable Clothing Co., can utilise apps like Depop to appeal to a certain demographic and grow into something larger.

In order to be a success on Depop, you’re going to need to know the tricks of the trade, so here's a compiled a list of my top tips for getting all those items shifted and onto a better home.

  1. The Visuals.

The better your photos are, the more successful your item will sell. Post pictures of you or someone else modelling the item (if possible) so the buyer knows how it will fit and what it looks like from different angles. EG: if you are selling a skirt but you haven’t clearly described the length it is in the photos, people will want to know and may ask for more photos. If you don't have a model, having clear pictures of the item hanging with a neutral or fun background is also a great option, see the examples below.

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  1. A Detailed Description.

It's best to be transparent when you’re describing your item. Mention any wear and tear and fit the price according to the item condition. This will prevent any chance of a dispute if the buyer wants their item refunded. Using detailed information, keywords and hashtags will help you appear in more peoples searches and gain more exposure. Describe the colour, material, style and fit of the item and mention the brand as well.

  1. Open to Negotiation.

One of my ultimate Depop secrets includes putting the price of the item a little higher than the perceived value at first, this is likely to get people messaging you with offers. If this happens, you can appear fair with your negotiations by lowering the price and in turn get the price you want for the item. If you are not open to negotiating, your items may not sell as quickly.

  1. Post on Time, Keep the Buyer Informed.

Good communication is key to getting 5-star reviews and keeping up your reputation as a trustworthy Depop seller. Buyers appreciate it when an item is sent on time and keep them the loop should there be any delay. If you are being messaged about an item before the sale, let the customer know when you can post the item when they make the decision to buy. Then when you have posted, mark the item as shipped on the app and add the tracking number. This will help the customer know when to expect the item. If you post too late, the buyer has every right to be refunded.

  1. Keep Proof of Postage.

In the event that a buyer is claiming they haven’t received their item, they are most likely covered by buyers protection if they have purchased through the Depop app. In which case, your only defence is that you have a proof of postage receipt, otherwise Depop may just automatically refund the buyer, regardless of whether they are telling the truth! Beware of scammers and always be professional.

Happy selling!

Alex xx

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