When you recycle your vintage and pre-loved clothing, you are keeping it within the closed-loop fashion cycle, out of landfill and the garments life is extended, on average, by 2.2 years. 

Get Discounts for your donations at Sustainable Clothing Co!

  • Bring in 2 items and receive a 10% in-store discount
  • Bring in 4 items and receive a 20% in-store discount
  • Bring in 6 items and receive a 30% in-store discount

Claim your discount between Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5pm!

Simply bring 2, 4 or 6 items in and receive your corresponding discount, which you have 6 months from the issue date to redeem (limit of 1 discount to be used per transaction, per customer).

Your items for donation must be in good to fair condition and washed before you bring them in. Sustainable Clothing Co is not a dumping ground for clothing that is stained, ripped or unwearable, please consider putting these items in our rag recycle bins provided.

Sustainable Clothing Co reserves the right to accept or reject items donated which could be deemed unsuitable, in correspondence with the discount voucher. 

We look forward to hearing from you!


Sustainable Clothing CO’s Recycle Fashion Haus is offering the apparel resale market a curated range of vintage and pre-loved unisex clothing, shoes and accessories focusing on the eras of 80’s, 90’s, 2000’s and now, alongside a variety of handmade and upcycled clothing and accessories, a selection of hemp and organic cotton clothing and recycled rubber shoes created by local Australian designers, as well as vinyl records, music memorabilia.