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Supporting local creatives is part of SCO's mission.

The sustainable streetwear community radiates fearless self-expression and promotes an environmentally friendly lifestyle.


Allergies Clothing

Liam began screen-printing a few years in his own backyard in Fleurieu Peninsula using his mum's ironing board and cheap screen-printing kit. Over the past few years, Liam has continued to improve his craft and has recently offered his screen-printing services to local businesses and creatives. 

The quality hand screen-printed t-shirts are made in Adelaide using eco-friendly ink and WRAP certified apparel. Ensuring you a long lasting quality garment that has been produced ethically.

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Daddy Issues The Label

Daddy Issues is an Adelaide jewelry and accessories label, consisting of nostalgic pieces, created from mostly up-cycled and found objects or toys from Millennial youth. The accessories range from nineties badges, playful earrings and vibrant chokers, with new lines and bespoke pieces being created daily.

Created by James Morphett, Daddy Issues has a fashion goal of breaking down the gender barriers created by toy companies which still limit our self-expression as adults. 

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Daniel Palillo

Daniel is based in Helsinki and creates garments like he is writing a diary or a storyboard: painting a picture of everyday lived experiences in a sequence of clothing. The collections are manufactured in small made-to-order quantities in Estonia. 

Palillo has been featured in media such as Vogue, I.D., Elle, WAD Magazine, VICE, and The Fader and spotted on celebrities from Lady Gaga to Santigold, Jessie Jay, Rita Ora and Noel Fielding.

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Demian Renucci

Demian is an Australian designer who works out of LA. Renucci adds sex appeal to streetwear, boasting a minimal aesthetic, fashion culture satire, reflective detailing and clean shapes that bring the heat.

Renucci's clothes are all about love, Demian does not manufacture in mass or use any animal skins. All pieces are made in both LA and Pakistan with a small group of sewers who work closely with Demian on his designs.

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Hemp Clothing Australia

HCA is an Australian owned hemp clothing brand working with the best environmentally-oriented manufacturers and farmers in the world. 

The focus is to create durable, ethical and sustainable hemp clothing with slow-fashion objectives. 

hemp clothing australia



Designer, Lucy Eggleton, believes in slow fashion and anti-fashion values, creating drops when they are ready and not necessarily sticking to a seasonal or fashion week schedule. 

LuLaLoop offers streetwear with a costume aesthetic. All fabrics are locally sourced in London and sewn by Lucy herself, making each piece totally one of a kind. You'll to be the only one at the next festival wearing something this unique.

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PokoOno Upcycled Vintage

Chiranjika is an Adelaide based artist, curator, and hand-poke tattooer. Her choice to up-cycle old threads came from a want to revitalize her own wardrobe.

PokoOno combines the imagery of her tattoo work with wearable clothing for her friends and clients. Printed works are created using hand-carved Lino, which is then block printed onto fabric in oil-based inks and the embroidery works are done with a ‘no stencil’ rule, often stitching by eye to create a DIY/Handmade look.

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Rat Life

Rat Life is a home-grown label out of Sydney, Australia and designed by Helen. These unisex pieces offer a fresh style update, add a fresh satirical aesthetic to your daily wardrobe.

Each RatLife design is limited and screen printed locally in Sydney, with new styles are dropping only a few at a time. Rat Life does not follow seasonal collections.

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Tarpley (Formerly Samsara Collections)

Tarpley arriving 2019 is a unisex streetwear label born out of love for a sport-luxe aesthetic. For those who appreciate clean shapes and unusual textural detailing. 

The mission is to create the future of fashion through forward-thinking products, innovative presentation through a multitude of channels and participatory experiences for customers while promoting ethical practices, sustainable production and positive social impact.

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TEIN (The End Is Near)

TEIN (or The End Is Near) Clothing created by Italian visual artist, Martin Dee, is a sustainable streetwear label out of the UK. TEIN does not mass produce but creates small runs of unisex pieces that are easy to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

The brand merges internet pop culture, Asian psychedelic colours and overlapping images, mixed with the search for spirituality. 

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We Are Mortals

We Are Mortals is a genderless label out of L.A., created by Anji. WAM believes that being 'mortal' reminds us of how we need to live life to the fullest; a sentiment that is the same for all humans regardless of race, gender, sexuality.

All production happens in Los Angeles, where Anji oversees everything so that the workers are being paid fair wages and working in good conditions. WAM produces in limited quantities so to reduce waste and uses recycled fabrics whenever possible for each collection.

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