Welcome #sustainablestreetwear blogger, Alex!

Welcome #sustainablestreetwear blogger, Alex!

Hey guys!

Nice to meet you all. My name’s Alex, I’m 22 years old and living in London, England, where I have just finished up my Master's degree in Journalism. This involved a lot of writing, blogging, stressing (at the best of times) and content creation which will lead me somewhere exciting soon as I venture out into the big wide world!

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It was through my course that I found Lucid8 Ethical Boutique on Depop and met the lovely Laura, who kindly agreed to help me with my final journalism project.

I created a magazine about recyclable fashion with a big focus on sustainable clothing, aiming to introduce it to the urban youth. Lucid8 embodied the message I wanted to convey and is living proof that ethical fashion doesn’t have to be boring. Instead, it is a vast and vibrant world of colour and individual flair, where your clothes can spread a positive message, as well as being a fashion statement.

Through the project, I discovered so much about the damaging world of fast-fashion and it opened my eyes to how we can benefit the world by making more conscious choices when it comes to our clothing.

My interest in the topic stemmed from my student days, where I would constantly have to battle relentless shopping habits and an incessant need to wear something different on every night out, on a limited student budget. Depop became the answer to my prayers and I gradually started shopping less and less on the high street and more second hand.

Selling my own pre-loved clothes was the next natural step and it was then that I came across a community of people who had completely ditched fast fashion in the name of the environment.

Now, I’m really excited to be a part of the Sustainable Streetwear blog to help educate the world about ethical fashion, as well as learning more about it myself! Fashion blogging in this day and age seems to have become an endless cycle of excessive hauls and the same kinds of tiresome outfits that are simply replicated. We’re encouraged to buy multiple copies of an item in different colours or sizes, then throw away or neglect a whole heap of them. Since when did fashion become this disposable?

Through this blog, I want to inspire a mindset where we treasure each and every piece of clothing in our wardrobe, and if we don’t like it, we do the ethical thing and either recycle or upcycle it. I’ll be exploring the best ways for you to do this, as well find new clothing that looks fresh and won’t do any damage to our dear planet.

I hope that you will follow my posts to learn more about ethical fashion and be inspired on how to introduce it to your own wardrobe, all the while still looking fly AF.

Lots of Love

Alex xxxx

Depop @alexchrys

Instagram @refresh_mag

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