Clothing Donation and Consignment

When you recycle your clothing, you are keeping it within the closed-loop fashion cycle, it keeps your clothing out of landfill and extends the garments life, on average, by 2.2 years. 

Donations and consignments are accepted at Sustainable Clothing Co.

Get Discounts for your donations!

Bring in 2 items and receive a 10% in-store discount

Bring in 4 items and receive a 20% in-store discount

Bring in 6 items and receive a 30% in-store discount

Claim your discount on Friday's between 10am-7pm!

Simply bring 2, 4 or 6 items in and receive your corresponding discount, which you have 6 months from the issue date to redeem (limit of 1 discount to be used per transaction)

Resell your vintage and pre-loved clothing on consignment.

PLEASE NOTE: Consignment appointments are currently booked until November 2021

Simply email Laura at Sustainable Clothing CO:

Include descriptions of your items, such as brands and item condition, as well as some photographs of the items.

If you are consigning your items, you receive 40% of the items sell price, once the item has sold.

If you are wanting to bulk sell your items to us, meaning you have 10 or more items to sell, after we have had a look at your email with the photographs of the items, we will make you a buy offer based on our wholesale pricelist. 

Then, a time will be arranged for you to drop your items into the shop.

Items for donation, consignment or bulk sales must adhere to the below Vintage & Pre-Loved Clothing Condition Scale. This scale also pertains to all the clothing pieces listed for sale on this website. 


Perfect condition. Including brand new items, like-new or never worn and cared for diligently. No flaws, rips, tears, holes, marks, fading, print cracks, pulling in the fabric. No missing beading, gems, sequins and buttons.


There may be a small blemish or pull in the fabric which is barely noticeable when worn, or can be/has been cleaned or repaired. Buttons may have been replaced. The garment may have been worn and washed several times with subtle signs of general wear, and there is still plenty of wear left.


There may be damage to the garment such as broken zipper, missing beading, sequins, buttons or gems. There may be a noticeable pull in the fabric, print cracking, fading or accidental sun bleaching, a stubborn stain or blemish or tarnishing of metals. General wear and tear may appear on the inside or outside of some garments.

Rest assured, at Sustainable Clothing CO, should a clothing item come in with missing buttons, sequins or gems needing to be replaced, holes requiring a quick stitch, or blemishes due for a soak, we do our best to repair, rework, recycle, upcycle and customize these clothing pieces.


We look forward to hearing from you!


Sustainable Clothing CO. (SCO) offers a wide range of Vintage and recycled clothing from the 80's, 90's, Y2K and now, alongside local and international brands creating sustainable streetwear, organic cotton and hemp clothing, as well as up-cycled projects.