Upcoming Workshops
"Green Thursday" Clothes Mending Workshop
You now have the opportunity to learn how to start mending your own clothing!
Join Laura G from Cinch Textiles, at 24A Charles street for a 90 minute class, on Thursday the 24th of November - as we have dubbed "Green Thursday", the day before the Black Friday!
Black Friday is a holiday based around consumption, so this year lets be more conscious about what are buying, and think about if we actually need it. The most sustainable thing to do this week when it comes to fashion is to recycle, re-wear and repair your existing items!
Laura has been researching and developing ways to recycle existing textiles into new materials for a number of years, and is passionate about teaching you how to look after the items you already own.
How it works: Simply bring 1 item of clothing that needs repairing, this could be an item that needs any rips or tears fixed up, adding or repairing buttons and fixtures, or patching up holes, and we will provide the rest of the tools you need! (+ snacks!)
Only limited to 10 spots available
Tickets are $10 each
Please follow the Eventbrite link to claim your spot!
Upcoming dates 
Thursday the 24th of November, 2022
Thursday the 22nd of December, 2022
Thursday the 19th of January, 2023
Please note this is a mending workshop, and alterations are something different, such as taking in sizes, hemming, adding or removing elements etc. There will be separate classes available for learning these skills.