Donations or Consignments

Recycle your own vintage and pre-loved streetwear.

Both donations and consignments are accepted at Sustainable Clothing Co.


Find us at the Basement, 34B Hindley Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000

Opening Hours:
Tuesday-Thursday 10am-6:30pm
Friday 10am-8pm
Saturday 11am-5pm

Please include item description (including brands and item condition) and photographs of the items. A pick-up or drop-off time will be arranged. 
Items for consignment must adhere to the below condition specifications.


Vintage & Pre-Loved Clothing Condition Scale 
All pre-loved clothing pieces on the website include a description of the quality, wearability and any variation which may be present. This scale appears in each product description. Please refer to the below scale for further information.



For the age of retro pieces (1980’s or 1990’s) and modern pieces (2000's-now) are in perfect condition.

Garments have been either unworn (with or without tags attached) or barely worn and cared for diligently. No rips, tears, holes, marks, pulling in the fabric. No missing beading, gems, sequins and buttons.


There may be a small blemish or pull in the fabric which is barely noticeable when worn or can be easily cleaned or repaired.

Buttons may have been replaced. The garment may have been worn and washed several times and there is still with plenty of wear left.


There may be missing beading, sequins, buttons or gems. There may be a noticeable pull in the fabric, a small blemish or tarnishing of metals.

Some fabric balling may appear on the inside or outside of some garments, these garments have been worn several times although there is still plenty of wear left.


We look forward to hearing from you!


SCO. offers an affordable range of new and recycled clothing from sustainable brands to vintage streetwear, fair trade clothing, organic cotton and hemp clothing, collaborative projects, as well as up-cycled vintage.