Hire-A-Hanger to Resell

Resell your vintage and pre-loved clothing at SCO! 

Hire 20 or 50 hangers for a minimum of 4 weeks and receive 70% of your sales back!


STEP 1 - Choose your Hanger Hire Option

  • Choose 20 hangers for $99 for 4 weeks
  • Choose 50 hangers for $249 for 4 weeks
  • Book for 8 weeks and get an extra week free!

STEP 2 - Book a Date

Email the team at Sustainable Clothing CO with your chosen Hanger-Hire option: laura@sustainableclothingco.com and we will provide you with your hire start and end date, your drop off and pick up dates, and a spreadsheet to fill in for the garments you are bringing in.

You will be required to bring your garments into the shop 7 days before your hire start date. This date will be specified on your confirmation email.

STEP 3 - Complete the Hanger-Hire Form

Once you have completed your itemized spreadsheet, please return it via email or bring in a hard-copy with your garments. 

Accepted Items for Hanger-Hire include the following: 

T-shirts, tops, pants, shorts, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, button-up shirts, party shirts, polo shirts, jackets, windbreakers, blazers, rugby sweaters, suits, hoodies, crewnecks, sweaters, swimwear, matching sets, dresses, knitwear and cardigans, vests and boleros, costumes, leggings, lingerie, shoes, hats and bags. 

The more variety you include, the better!

If you wish to include jewelry, watches or wallets as part of your hanger hire, they must be of good quality and have a minimum resale value of $20. These items will be kept inside of a locked, glass cabinet for no extra charge.

Sustainable Clothing Co reserves the right to reject any items unsuitable for resale. Items not accepted as part of your Hanger-Hire includes costume jewelry, belts, sunglasses, headbands, socks, tights, scarves, ties, gym clothing; these items can instead be donated, recycled into rags or brought along to the regular Clothing Swap days.

STEP 4 - Start Reselling

When you bring your garments in, our team will then check them off your spreadsheet, tag each item, give them a steam if necessary and put them out for sale on your respective hanger-hire start date. 

For your best return on investment we strongly recommend the clothing you bring in is of mid-high quality and has been kept in good condition. You can check out our Popular Brands page to get an idea of the brands and item conditions our customers look for in our store. 

The prices of your items may be subject to change without prior notice during any seasonal discount sales, which could include Black Friday or Boxing Day sales, flash sales, student discounts or discount vouchers.

At the end of your Hanger-Hire, you will receive 70% of your total sales back at the price the items sold for, as a bank transfer ONLY. 

Before your garments start selling, you will be required to sign a Hanger-Hire agreement form, stating that you understand our terms and conditions, which are also stated below.

We cannot guarantee how items will sell, it is solely the risk of the Hanger-Hirer. For your best return on investment, we strongly recommend the clothing you have brought in is washed and clean, of mid to high quality, has been kept in good condition and aligns with what our customers are looking for.


TERMS AND CONDITIONS for HIRE-A-HANGER at Sustainable Clothing Co.

Please read the Hire-A-Hanger Terms and Conditions carefully!

At Sustainable Clothing Co we aim to provide you with a positive and fair experience for recycling your clothing, shoes and accessories through a number of different options.

  • Discounts for Donations
  • Clothes Swap Events
  • Recycling Rag Bins

When you drop off your items for your hanger-hire, you must fill in your correct details, sign the agreement form and pre-pay either $99 or $249 (depending on which option you choose). 

All bookings for Sustainable Clothing Co's HIRE-A-HANGER are strictly PRE-PAID and NON-REFUNDABLE. 

If you want to change your booking date, it can only be done with 7 days’ notice, prior to your booking start date. If you wish to renew your hire agreement, it can be done so in advance or at the end of your hanger-hire period, providing there is availability. 

Sustainable Clothing Co reserves the right to reject or remove any items that are deemed unsuitable or in poor/unwearable condition.

If you FAIL TO COLLECT your remaining clothing items within 7 days from the end date of your hire period (as stated on your signed agreement form), it will mean that your remaining clothing, shoes, and items become property of Sustainable Clothing Co and will be recycled, upcycled or donated to charity as deemed necessary. No exceptions.


Sustainable Clothing Co is NOT RESPONSIBLE for providing reminders to Hanger Holders for start and end dates of Hanger Hire.

20 Hangers = $99 for 4 weeks

50 Hangers = $249 for 4 weeks

1 week = 7 days

The shop is closed on Mondays, Public Holidays, Christmas Day, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and is subject to changes.

Sustainable Clothing Co reserves the right to apply storewide discounts on anything available for sale in the store during specific holidays such as Black Friday, Halloween or Boxing Day and any student discounts or flash sales, without prior notice to the Hanger-Holder. 

Sustainable Clothing Co takes all the necessary provisions to reduce and avoid theft (Security cameras in-store, bag checks, leaving bags at counter, monitored and locked change rooms). However, Sustainable Clothing Co TAKE NO RESPONSIBILITY for any missing or stolen items, or for any items lost in the case of a FIRE, WATER DAMAGE, ROBBERY or OTHER FACTORS out of our control.

NO FAULTY ITEMS are to be brought in for sale, unless you speak to our team beforehand. Sustainable Clothing Co provide facilities to repair some (not all) faulty items, if you wish for us to repair your item, we would be happy to do so for a small fee. We take no responsibility if your item of clothing becomes faulty or damaged during your rental period.


At the end of your Hanger-Hire, you will receive 70% of the total proceeds back from your sales at the prices your items sold for, as a bank deposit, which will be paid into your nominated bank account within 7 Days of your agreement end date.

If you wish to take your sales proceeds as an in-store credit, you are entitled to use 100% of your total proceeds as an in-store credit, following the end of your agreement. Your store credit will never expire. Decisions about whether to take your proceeds as an instore credit are final and cannot be changed, your credit will be added to your account and cannot be redeemed for cash or bank transfer thereafter.

STRICTLY NO CASH PAYMENTS ARE GIVEN. Please ensure you provide your correct bank account information; there will be NO responsibility taken by Sustainable Clothing Co should the hanger holder provide inaccurate bank account details.

All information gathered will be kept confidential and destroyed in accordance with the privacy act.

If in the case that the hanger-holder would like to REMOVE their items or CANCEL their hangers during the hire period, Sustainable Clothing Co will not refund any fees. No exceptions.

The hangers are provided by Sustainable Clothing Co can only be used.

Clothing items brought to Sustainable Clothing Co belong to the Hanger-Holder.

Sustainable Clothing Co reserves the right to CHANGE these TERMS AND CONDITIONS at any time.